Website design and development services

I design and build websites on the WordPress or Shopify e-commerce platform. Web design and development services exclusively for sole traders and small-businesses.

A website is a staple when it comes to digital marketing. A website is used for brand awareness, a catalogue, a conversion tool and a way to keep in touch with customers and prospects.

There are many options to choose from whether you are starting from scratch, looking for a redesign or looking to switch CMS platform. 

I specialise in WordPress and Shopify websites, working exclusively with freelancers, sole traders and small-businesses. 

WordPress websites

WordPress is the most popular content management platform (CMS) there is. It's what this website is built on! It's suitable for businesses of all sizes and is easy for you to edit.

One-page WordPress websites

One-page websites have become immensely popular. Designed to showcase a single service or product, these are perfect for freelancers and sole traders.

Shopify e-commerce

Shopify has become the de facto e-commerce website platform for sole traders and small businesses. Bringing a modern website, inventory management and CRM all in one place.

'By design...' ethos

No matter the size of your website, everyone I built is powered by my 'By design...' ethos. User experience, SEO and reporting are built in by design from the get to, not an after thought.
I pride myself in offering a full-service experience to freelancers, sole traders and small-businesses. I know how important it is to get started which is why I want to work with you in the long-term to get the best results for you.

Are you a freelancer, sole trader or small business about to start up in Swale, Kent?

If you are a young entrepreneur, or your small business offers employment to young people living in the area of Swale, Kent, my web development services come at a significantly reduced cost.

Having grown up in Swale and previously managing a youth employment project in the area, I know how important businesses are to young people achieving their career goals. 

This is now more important than ever as the affects of COVID-19 are believed to be hitting young adults the hardest.

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