In week leading up the General Election, I held not one, but two general election debates between prospective Parliamentary candidates.

They were a huge success with many young people in attendance and even more watching live via Facebook.

5th June – Sittingbourne & Sheppey

Sittingbourne & Sheppey General Election Debate
Clockwise from top left. Lee McCall (Independent), Mike Baldock (Independent), Patrick Cantellow (Swale Young People), Mad Mike Young (The Monster Raving Loony Party), Mike Rolfe (Labour), Mark Lindop (Greens), Demi Bailey (Swale Young People), Mike Whiting (Representative for the Conservative Party), Keith Nevols (Liberal Democrats)

All parties were represented at our first debate, in New House Youth Centre, with candidates debating on topics including LGBT+, mental health services, excessive housing and the NHS. The debate was chaired excellently by Demi Bailey, a Young Ambassador for Swale Young People. Demi and Swale Young People was commended on it’s planning and fair platform.

6th June – Faversham & Mid Kent

Faversham and Mid Kent General Election Debate
From left to right – David Naghi (Liberal Democrats), Helen Whately (Conservatives), Sam Batey (Swale Young People – Chair), Patrick Cantellow (Swale Young People), Alistair Gould (Greens), Michael Desmond (Labour)

Our 2nd debate was for the Faversham & Mid Kent constituency. Candidates were grilled by a large audience on the environmental issues, public security, votes at 16 and Donald Trump!

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Patrick Cantellow is an award winning Entrepreneur and social Ambassador. Starting a Community Interest Company aged 16 and working with some of the UK’s biggest non-profits and campaigns. Patrick calls himself a “Constructive Moaner” for important issues surrounding young people.