Climate positive

When you work with me, you can feel good knowing that I don’t just offset our carbon footprint, but I go at least 15% further, in most cases, much further, to become climate positive, also known as carbon negative.

Planting trees

Using Ecologi, I plant a minimum of 13 trees a month. This is enough to cover my day-to-day travel both related to work and personally. 

However, if we work together, I will go beyond and offset any of your travel-related to us working together as well, at my cost. Please see the policy below. 


This website is hosted on 100% renewal energy – and if you purchase a hosting plan from me, yours will be to!

Energy usage

The electricity I use is made up of 100% renewal energy, and the gas I use is 100% carbon neutral. My energy provider offsets the gas they supply by supporting carbon reduction projects.

Climate positive offset policy

All my freelance work is carbon offset by paying Ecolgi, an innovative Bristol-based team helping us tackle the climate crisis, who plant trees in the UK and abroad to keep temperatures from rising above 1.5C.

I cover all the costs associated to carbon-offsetting our interactions, both virtually and in-person, at no cost to you. I do not inflate the cost of my services to cover the cost of removing CO2 from our atmosphere.  

So you can calculate our impact together, below is the policy which calculates the number of trees that I will plant to make our interactions climate positive.

Every prospect or client will be automatically allocated 25 trees at the beginning of our interaction. I will keep track of our tree “credits” so I know when to top-up, and for you to report back to your team.

What I consider: If you travelled by car, the distance you travel, any food or drink if the hospitality doesn’t already. 

If you travel by car: 1 tree for every 100 miles, no matter if you drive an electric, hybrid, petrol or diesel-powered car or SUV.

If we order food or drink: For every coffee or cup of tea, I will plant 1 tree. For every non-meat meal, I will plant 1 tree. For every meal including meat, I will plant 2 trees. A meal equals 1 plate. 

2020 has seen a significant shift in how we work. Even though working from home can already help the planet, I will still plant trees so we can do that little bit more.

What I consider: If you worked from home or if you travelled to work for a virtual meeting with me.

If you travel to work on the day of our virtual meeting: I will plant trees to cover your journey to and from work on days where you have a virtual video call with me (excluding phone calls). 1 tree for every 100 miles, no matter if you drive an electric, hybrid, petrol or diesel-powered car or SUV.

If you work from home: 1 tree everyday we have a meeting.